Competition opens at the Muaythai PanAmericans 2018

A great day of muaythai action thrilled spectators in Buenos Aires on the opening day of competition for the 2018 Pan-Americans. With over twenty national teams in action, all eyes were on host team Argentina as well as some big-names from Peru, USA and Canada among the visitors.

Muaythai in Columbia is on the Move

Columbia sends a muaythai team to the World Championships for the first time this year, an achievement which has been more than five years in the making.

Crunch-time for amateur muaythai in Canada and America

Amateur muaythai is on the move in North America with national championships taking place in Canada and America shortly. Canada is up first with nationals on Saturday and Sunday this week organised by Muaythai Canada. Champions from this tournament represent Canada on the world stage, heading first to the Pan-Americans in Peru next month, and […]