Canada’s Scott MacKenzie putting in the Teep on Day 1 of the PanAmericans PIC Jeff Dojillo USMF

A great day of muaythai action thrilled spectators in Buenos Aires on the opening day of competition for the 2018 Pan-Americans. With over twenty national teams in action, all eyes were on host team Argentina as well as some big-names from Peru, USA and Canada among the visitors. The home team put through four athletes in the opening men’s divisions  – Giuliana Cosnard, Gonzalo Arredondo Facundo Bogoshian and Brian Allevato. And in a positive sign for the growth of muaythai in Argentina, they also put through seven junior level athletes in the Youth section of the day.

Two of Canada’s big guns Taylor McClatchie (F) and Scott MacKenzie went through after conclusive wins in their divisions.

For Peru the Mazzetti brothers were reunited on the national team for the first time in almost two years, with both Gabriel – a medalist at the 2017 The World Games  – and Giovanni going through. IFMA champion Ian Escuza also went through for Peru, the team nicknamed The Roosters with a distinctive red shirt to match.

Janet Todd USMF on the way to the next round PIC Jeff Dojillo USMF

Team USA sent through four athletes, among them last year’s PanAmerican champion Luis Morales and Janet Todd, bronze medalist at The World Games last year. Smaller teams including Honduras sending through Bryan Burgos also left their mark.

The youth division was hopping with talent. Head of the Argentine Muaythai Association Miguel Carpinacci said they were very proud to see so many young athletes travelling from countries like Colombia and Mexico to take part in this growing section of the PanAmericans.

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