Press conference – IFMA World Championships

His Excelency Malaysian , hosted this important event together with representatives from the Malaysian Government, Lada, President of the Malaysian Muaythai association Dr. Dato’Shahnaz Azmi and the representatives of IFMA. His excellency, the Minister stated that it had been a long and hard bidding process, and that the announcement of the winning country back in […]

IFMA World Championships 2014 | Set-Up & Accreditations

There’s only a few more days before 2014’s IFMA World Championships, situated in one of the worlds most tranquil islands, Langkawi in Maylaysia. We are working around the clock to bring you one of the biggest event in the world of Muaythai. Here are some pictures to help get into the vibe and buzz we […]

Indian Ocean Federation towards the World Championships

Sham Seetaram, President of the Indian Ocean Federation stated that everything is now in preparation for the upcoming World Championship in Malaysia. Combined coordination meetings between the Mauritius and Madagascar Muaythai Federation are being organised in order to build up for the event.

IFMA Sport Director gives the thumbs up

Charissa Tynan, the IFMA Sports Director travelled to Langkawi for the 3rd meeting with the LOC and stated that Malaysia is definitely on track for the hosting of the 2014 IFMA World Championship.

Technical delegate meeting Malaysia

IFMA technical delegate for the 2014 IFMA World Championship has done the second inspection visit to Langkawi to meet with the LOC to finalise the layout of the competition venue, the exact field of play and all the important technical issues.

Muaythai Championships in Oslo

February 15th will be “the day” for the Norwegian muaythai athletes. The championships is organised by the Norwegian Muaythai Association in the beautiful city of Oslo. Female and male athletes will compete for the right to walk proudly behind the Norwegian flag in Langkawi, Malaysia. Let’s wish best of luck to Norwegian athletes!

Malaysia gears up for IFMA 2014 World Championship

One of the most beautiful islands in the world will become Muaythai island from the 1st-10th of May 2014. The Malaysian Muaythai Association and Malaysian Government won the bid for the 2014 World Championship, and now are preparing to welcome over 2000 visitors from over 100 countries.