Charissa Tynan, the IFMA Sports Director travelled to Langkawi for the 3rd meeting with the LOC and stated that Malaysia is definitely on track for the hosting of the 2014 IFMA World Championship.

Participants from around 100 countries will be gathered on the beautiful island of Langkawi. The entire event will be centralised in one venue, the Mahasuri International Exhibition Centre welcoming an expected 10,000 spectators per day, weigh ins, medicals, offices, and conferences.

Breakfast will be served at the hotel. Lunch and dinner will be wonderfully provided and left to your disposition at the venue.


The competition will take place over 8 days with an expected 120 to 130 fights per day. There will be a total of 400 staff and volunteers to ensure that the participants feel the true Malaysian hospitality from the time of their arrival to their departure.


The IFMA Sports Director gives the thumbs up for the preparation of the IFMA 2014 World Championship!