Giving back and making a positive contribution to society has always been one of the objectives of Muaythai and as we all know, children are our future. The WMC and IFMA run many initiatives world-wide to give youth that did not have a fair start in life, or might have headed down the wrong path, the chance for a positive change that provides validation and empowerment. These projects give the youth a chance to be a part of a family, team and community.

Sport Is Your Gang, an initiative in collaboration with Peace and Sport, was the winner of the 2014 Spirit of Sport Award given by SportAccord, and it is a clear example of IFMA’s aspirations to put youth first. According to Abigail Pamei, the new Social Responsibilities Director of IFMA, winning the award has added to the drive and ambition of IFMA and the Social Responsibility team. This year, IFMA is committed to not just simply rest after this achievement, but to continue to use the power of sport to make greater contributions to communities around the world.

On Saturday the 10th of January, Children’s Day was celebrated in Thailand. The IFMA team, led by President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, General Secretary Stephan Fox, IFMA Sports Director Charissa Tynan, Social Responsibilities Director Abigail Pamei, and many others visited one of the project sites in the Bangkok area. A special lunch was prepared by the IFMA team and special presents were given out by the President and General Secretary to the youth involved in the program. It was a fun day for everyone involved, as well as a great motivation for the kids to see the executives coming down and getting personally involved in the campaign. The day in general was a good affirmation of the success of the campaign and proof that there is indeed hope for our youth who are the future.