Spanish Muaythai Association is one of the most active federations in Europe. This also means being actively involved in IFMA’s social campaigns especially with UNite campaign to end violence against women and girls.

All Spanish female athletes join forces into IFMA’s Female Empowerment through Muaythai campaign which is an initiative of UN Women and IFMA. Spanish Muaythai Association General Secretary, Gustavo Luna, stated that violence against young girls and boys is a global problem in which a united effort through the power of sport can truly make a difference. IFMA only can applauds the Spanish initiative and we are looking forward to see all the Spanish female champions in all our competitions.


Sarai Medina, IFMA female champion, stated that creating awareness in the gyms starting with instructors realising problems these children may have is an important part of the federation work and the joint workshop between UN Women and IFMA creating guidelines was important. She hopes that all Spanish member gyms will continue to participate in this important initiative.

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