IFMA is on the final streak to its historical Virtual World Championships where hundreds of youth will compete online from the safety of their homes. 

Four competitions have been offered to IFMA athletes: Shadow Box, Wai Kru, Max Fit and Aero Fit, four competitions which continue the development of the IFMA disciplines. 

Days before closing the registration IFMA is proud to announce that the event has been a true success as so much positive feedback has been coming to IFMA international office and the words of gratitude to give youth a positive incentive to keep staying fit and a feeling of competition regardless strict measurements so many people have to observe to stay safe and healthy. 

With 95% of entries submitted Shadow Box is becoming a most competed event and spectators can anticipate the fierce competition where individual skills and experience will play a huge role for judges’ decision. 

Competition in Max Fit follows the Shadow Box in popularity by a very close margin which shows that IFMA athletes stay true to their shapes and are already getting ready for the physical events planned on the national level. Max Fit will test the contestants’ strength, power and stamina. Contestants will be scored on the number of reps they can complete, as well as the quality and control demonstrated while performing the reps.

Wai Kru and Aero Fit have again proven that the cultural aspect of Muaythai will stay an integral element of the sport with each IFMA member mastering the art of showing respect to the opponent, coach and spectators in a graceful dance of homage. 

With two weeks before the event the world stands still waiting for the shape and form of the first ever sports competition held 100% online.