One of the world’s strongest Muaythai teams – Ukraine organised their national championships for athletes stepping on the heels of Ukrainian Muaythai legends. Ukraine has built truly spectacular lineups on every level: female and male, youth and seniors, right, left and center there is a gold medalist in the Ukrainian team. 

U23 from Ukraine have a number of IFMA medalists in Elite division, and the latest national tournament showed that no one is granted a spot in the national teams with the biggest names kicked out of the competition in the early stages. 

The biggest sensation of the event was the silver medal of Vasil Sorokin who has made his name in IFMA events on all levels. Despite his young age Vasil is a World and European Champion. He also took home the silver medal of the World Games 2017 when he was only 18 years old.

Hoqever, fame and notoriety were not enough for Vasil to win the final bout and it was Bashir Mustafayev who made a sensation winning the IFMA World Champion. 

The Vice President of the Ukrainian Muaythai Federation Mr. Pavel Yevtushenko said that he was happy to see such a tough rivalry and that even world champions will not have an easy tournament on the national level. 

To win a Ukrainian Championship now is a challenge no less difficult than world tournaments and that’s the best a national federation can wish for their events.

The World is slowly recovering from the pandemic and given the tough rivalry for the spot in the Ukrainian National Team Muaythai viewers will have a very interesting event to watch as qualifications will start for the IFMA top events.