Russia is one of the strongest and most developed national federations fully recognised by its Ministry of Sport and National Olympic Committee.

The Russian Muaythai Federation is one of the founding members of IFMA and for decades have followed a strict youth development and also gender equality program which bore fruit in 2019 when Team Russia became the the first to win both the King’s and Queen’s Cup at the IFMA World Championships in Thailand. 

Russian Muaythai Federation President Dmitry Putilin stated the importance is to ensure muaythai equally in all Russian regions so the regional and national development goes hand in hand and our strongest aspect is our youth. 

The 2021 national youth championships have seen more than 1000 participants competing for their spot on the national muaythai team for the IFMA World Championships in Phuket. 

The entire event was implemented on the IFMA registration platform which allows the fans to follow the results of each competition day live. 

IFMA is looking forward to seeing a traditionally strong and big federation arriving in Thailand and wishing them amazing competition and a safe trip for the World Championships.