The beautiful city of Chelyabinsk was the host for a world class European Qualifier for Contender Asia Season two. With no doubt some of the world’s best were invited to fight for another spot in the highly anticipated Season two of Contender Asia. WMC vice president and Contender Asia host Stephan Fox made an emotional speech outlining the success of the show and how the journey has changed the lives of the athletes involved.

Season two, which will be produced in Malaysia, has created hype like never before. The Director of the Malaysian Tourism Board in the CIS Countries, Azizah Aziz, thanked Russia for the promotion of Malaysia and invited all to come to Malaysia to be part of The Contender Asia.
After a spectacular opening the ring as free for the superstars.

First up was 3-time world champion Artem Levin against Ilter Trkmen Demirci from Turkey.

A great performance by Levin and the crowd gave both boys a standing ovation as Levin advanced to the Semi Finals.

Next up Abdallah Mabel (France) versus European Champion Dmitry Valent from Belarus.

Great performance by both boys and it was Belarus that made it to the Semi finals.

Next was the fight that only can be described as an all out war.

Petr Nakonechnyy the superstar from Ukraine against Alexandr Morev (the former WMC intercontinental Champion from Russia)

After 3 rounds the judges could not separate the boys and an extra round had to be called in and it was Ukraine which had the edge advancing to the Semi final.

Next up were two European Champions Vitaly Gurkov (Belarus) and Mickael Piscitello (France)

This was one of the most technical fights of the evening and again it was Belarus advancing.

The Semi final…

Artem Levin versus Dmitry Valent

Artem in the form of his life advanced to the final.

Petr Nakonechnyy VS Vitaly Gurkov was the second final fight and again it was a war, after which the judges could not decide and it had to go to an extra round and this time it was Belarus advancing to the final.

Final: Levin Artem versus Vitaly Gurkov

Gurkov really had to fight hard to make it to the final and it was Artem who fought very technical fights. Artem again showed why he was a three-time world champion winning the event and securing a spot on season two of The Contender Asia.

Congratulations must go to the organisers and the city of Chelyabinsk who really put them on the world map.