A record number of 1000+ participating athletes has been reached today with Armenia sending its application for Muaythai’s Royal World Cup 2015 this August. An overall number of about 3000 participants are expected to visit Bangkok already guaranteeing a full house for the event.

The Royal World Cup has been a truly long cherished event for athletes from all over the world where trophies of Royal value will prove a unique and valuable incentive for competitors to strive to bring their best and to hear their anthems play at the awarding ceremony.

With more than a month left to the end of the registration, 82 countries have so far submitted applications for participation in this prestigious event and even more teams are expected to join them. The event will be held under the patronage of His Majesty the King of Thailand and it is the greatest honour for each muaythai athlete to compete under the emblem of the Royal

Held in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, the Royal World Cup promises unforgettable memories for both athletes and all other stakeholders involved in this prestigious celebration of sport.