OneSongchai again put on a world class Queen’s Cup sanctioned by the WMC. The event was in two sections, the first part showcasing female fighters from around the world in honour of Her Majesty and was well received by the audience of over 100,000.

Miss Pariyakorn put on a fantastic muaythai gala mixed with Thai culture and traditional dance and costume, and of course great fights.

The highly anticipated next installment of the Thailand vs Challengerseries from Elite Boxing made up the main event part of the night; fully sanctioned by the WMC and also featured on ESPN Fight Night.

The event was hosted by Thai celebrity and movie stars Sonia Kooling and Boo Trairantana, and host of Contender Asia and WMC Vice President, Stephan Fox.

Thai superstar Ole opened the night with a stunning elbow knockout against Toby from Sweden. Valdet Gashi from Germany and Pethsanguan put in a 5-round war with Thailand just taking the edge and triumphing over the German on the scorecards.

The junior fight had the audience enthralled with Matthias from Italy and Kunlar from Thailand proving that the future of the sport is more than safe! A great fight saw 17 yr old Matthias beat the 14 yr old Thai, both of these fighters certainly ones to watch out for!

The main event was between Thai champion Saiyok Noi, and one of the brightest upcoming fighters, Antuan from France. Saiyok as ever put in a world class performance with his devastating left kicks and power uppercuts, but it must be said that Antuan put up an amazing fight, showcasing his grappling skills over and over as he went the full 5 rounds toe-to-toe with the Thai former Lumpini Stadium champion. However, to the delight of the crowd, Saiyok kept the Challenger trophy in Thailand and despite the heavy rain, the crowd remained on their feet and cheering loudly right until the final result.

Congratulations must go to OneSongchai and Elite Boxing for what was an amazing show from start to finish.

Catch the Thailand vs Challenger Queen’s Cup episode on ESPN Fight Night in the coming weeks!