One Songchai, Blackhawk Sports AG, and the WMC have joined forces again for the December 5th King’s Cup celebration in honor of His Majesty the King’s 83rd birthday.

Last year was historic, as for the first time the trophy donated by His Majesty went outside of Thailand, as Cosmo Alexandre, from Santos, Brazil, won his final with 3 stunning knock outs. He has become the pride of Brazil, a truly sports nation with the upcoming Olympic Games and Football World Cup being held there in 2014 and 2012 respectively. This surely shows how international muaythai has become over the past years.

Cosmo Alexandre said in a press interview that he is keen in becoming the first athlete to win the most prestigious muaythai tournament twice in a row.

This year’s King’s Cup will be televised around the world going live to Asia, live to the United States, and most certainly live in Thailand on ESPN Asia, Fox Sport, and Eurosport.

Every week we will release two fighter’s profiles to show the line up for the 2010 King’s Cup.

Today it is the champion Cosmo Alexandre.