After the full recognition of the Polish Muaythai Federation, its President took part in his first plenary session of the National Polish Olympic Committee where such questions like the development of the sport in Poland, World Games 2017 and many others were discussed.

Muaythai became an equal sport by the number of practitioners and spectators in Poland and now it is recognised as an equal partner of Polish governmental bodies and a member of the Polish Olympic family.


This is also very important as now the voice of muaythai athletes, youths, females and males will be heard in the Polish Olympic premises. Support for the recognised sports will be an invaluable resource for the Polish National team on the threshold of the World Muaythai Championships in Sweden, World Games 2017 in Poland and many other events where muaythai is a recognised member.


Rafal Szlachta will definitely add value to the development of the sport as a whole in Poland and his vision will be an important contribution in his capacity as a Polish NOC member.