Muaythai is one of the fastest growing sports in Poland and has been recognized by the Polish Sports Ministry and National Olympic Committee for years. The President of the Polish Muaythai Federation, Rafal Szlachta, has done some outstanding work helping to develop the sport from the grassroots. Rafal Simonies and so many others like Joana Jedzejczyk have made Polish athletes a household name around the world. Head referee Bogdan Rybka has been appointed in the world technical committee; all this shows the credibility and respect Poland has internationally.

Muaythai is included in the World Games under patronage of the IOC, and PMF has been instrumental in the support in many ways to get the sport included 2017 in Wroclaw.

Recently a World Games promotional Muaythai event has been held in Wroclaw at the Orbita hall, the official venue for combat sports of the Games, and was a tremendous success. Many VIPs attended the event including the Vice Mayor of the city of Wroclaw, CEO of World Games, Ambassador of Thailand, IFMA General Secretary and so many more VIPs on top a full stadium with eager fans.
22 of March was another historical day for muaythai in Poland when in the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee of Poland Polish Muaythai Federation became an official member with full voting rights as a full recognized member of POC.

Rafal Szlachta said that this is an achievement one can spend a whole life for, as he remembers his first application when he only founded the Muaythai Federation in Poland with only a couple of gyms. Today Polish muaythai is famous around Europe and all over the world with Polish athletes competing in the World Championships promoting the image of their country and letting Polish flag flying high at the awarding ceremony. Muaythai has made a great contribution in the social sphere in Poland. Such campaigns as Muaythai Against Drugs and Sport Is Your Gang spearheaded by muaythai ambassador, Rafal Simonides have gone around all Polish regions and gave a reference point for young boys and girls.

IFMA President congratulates Poland and his President Rafal Szlachta and this is an important day as now Polish athletes come with highest honor flying the POC logo and National Flag at all Muaythai events. Congratulation Poland!