The Polish Muaythai Federation (PZMT) has almost completed all of its preparations for the 2012 World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia. The first event, where PZMT’s trainers picked out the best of the best Polish fighters, was the “Open Polish Muaythai Championships” held from the 9th-11th of March, 2012 in the Polish city of Kalisz. The best of the best participated in the Championships, with almost 130 athletes in attendance.

The next stop in the road was “The Polish Muaythai League”, with 160 participants. The League event was held on the 19th of May 2012 in the city of Kepno. The event was an open opportunity for fighters of all levels to qualify for a position on the national Polish Muaythai Team.

Now, from the 9th-12th of July, the Polish National Team is staying with their trainers for a four-day intensive training camp. All fighters are putting in a solid workout every day, training hard in preparation. The last stop on the road to the 2012 Championships will be a final four-day training camp (13th-16th of August), followed by a couple of rest days.  Then, the Polish National Team will fly to St. Petersburg for the most important international Muaythai Championship of the year!