European Games Here We Come!

The Polish Muaythai Federation has made a major impact at the IFMA World Championship 2022 with a record number delegation. The President of the Polish Muaythai Federation, Dawid Polok, stated that the European Games is an inspiration for the Polish athletes to compete in their home, proud and they have come to the World Championship […]

Polish Muaythai Federation hosts PZMT National Team Selection Training

The Polish Muaythai Federation, recognized by the National Olympic Committee of Poland and Sports Ministry, has been praised for their popularizing of muaythai throughout Poland through the federation’s impressive grassroots and youth development and for hosting recent multi-sport games such as the 2017 World Games and next year, Poland will be the host of the […]

Thank you to Rafal Szlachta

Rafal Szlachta is someone who needs no introduction in the world of muaythai and sport. As Vice President of IFMA and President of the Polish Tourism Organisation, Rafal has been instrumental in the development of muaythai at the national, continental and world level. Rafal was one of the pioneers of muaythai in Poland, starting with […]

Muaythai Against Drugs in Stargard Szczecinski

The Polish Muaythai Against Drugs Festival ended on the evening of 21st of April in the city of Stargard Szczecinski. Muaythai Against Drugs is a worldwide campaign, which began ten years ago. It focuses on encouraging disadvantaged children and youth to stay in school and make the most of their education. Learning the discipline and […]

Polish Muaythai Charity Gala

The Polish city of Zary hosted the “VI Muaythai Charity Gala” featuring eighty amateur athletes from all regions of Poland. This is an annual event which keeps growing, as the skill level displayed continues to rise and the event draws more and more spectators from the city of Zary every year. The event is organized […]

Poland is racing towards the World Championships

The Polish Muaythai Federation (PZMT) has almost completed all of its preparations for the 2012 World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia. The first event, where PZMT’s trainers picked out the best of the best Polish fighters, was the “Open Polish Muaythai Championships” held from the 9th-11th of March, 2012 in the Polish city of Kalisz. […]