Peace and Sport, or “L’Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport,” an initiative that pursues sustainable peace through sport, celebrated 5 years of cooperation with Muaythai, via WMC and IFMA, showing that sport can make a difference in the world.

This year, Muaythai was awarded the Spirit of Sport award by SportAccord for the Sport is Your Gang campaign. Last year, Peace and Sport and IFMA organized an event in Tehran, Iran, with muaythai athletes from 70 countries in which a representative of each country released a bird as a gesture of peace. Saint-Tropez was another event in which wishes are made for cultural understanding, and the wish for peace and harmony in the world were released again with doves used for symbolism.

Mr Joël Bouzou the President of Peace and Sport, Mr Jean-Pierre Tuveri, the mayor of Saint-Tropez, Baroness Cécile de Massy, Promoter Olivier Muller, Charissa Tynan, IFMA Sport Director and Stephan Fox, WMC Vice President, all set birds free with the best wishes of all of the muaythai family in all 5 continents. Thank you Peace and Sport, thank you Saint-Tropez, thank you Mr Muller for an unforgettable evening, and with the Muaythai promise, we will continue to uphold and promote Peace and Sport.

Photo credit: Touche Finale