The IFMA World Cup Opening Ceremony promises to be spectacular and will be based on cultural understanding, unity, respect and friendship.

Presided over by the representatives of the Prime Minister of Thailand, representatives from Sport and Tourism and Culture Ministry, representatives from the International Olympic Committee, International World Games Association, FISU, TAFISA and the 23 representatives of AIMS, representatives from over 60 embassies it will be an event for the athletes and the youth of the world.

History will be made when the Royal Guards will march in with the four Royal Trophies – His Majesty the King’s Trophy, Her Majesty the Queen’s Trophy, His Royal Highness the Prince’s Trophy and Her Royal Highness Princess Sirinthorn’s Cup, so for Thailand it shows the importance of this truly Royal event.

The rest of the opening ceremony is based on the youth of the world, the torch of life as muaythai is passed on from one generation to another. The event will be televised for around the world primetime live on Thai TV and no doubt there will be many smiling faces of the youth of the world.