June 25th marked the Opening Ceremony of the 2024 Youth Championships of Thailand at the Sport Authority of Thailand.

IFMA President and President of AMTAT, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan presided over the Opening Ceremony and this momentous occasion for the youth of the Kingdom of Thailand. Dr. Sakchye’s heartwarming speech was followed by speeches from Lt. Gen. Mangkorn Semarat, the Secretary General of the Association and the oath from the technical officials. AIMS President Stephan Fox, IFMA Treasurer Khun Kajorn Prowsri and Vice President of AMTAT, IFMA Culture and Heritage Commission Chair Ajahn Thavorn Wattanakul, IFMA Sport Director Janice Lyn and officials from the SAT were also in attendance to welcome and support the future nak muay of Thailand.

The qualification event took place in 77 provinces and the next 8 days will see almost 300 athletes to book their spots in combat, wai kru and mai muay divisions with the youngest athletes 10 years and oldest athletes of 17 years of age.

AMTAT is the sole recognized federation in Thailand with Royal Patronage has the only authority to send athletes to Olympic recognized events.

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan IFMA President stated, “Thailand is very proud to have been given the trust of IFMA to host the 2024 Youth World Championships from the 11-20th of September in Bangkok and the Thailand youth team will proudly represent the Motherland, their families, their gyms and above all, themselves.

Chok dee to all the youth from the IFMA Family.