Welcome to South Africa! Greetings from the South African sun. Our hearts beat Muaythai!

Grassroots development has always been of precedence amongst the South African Muaythai Federation, which is one of IFMA’s oldest members.

One of the SAMF’s most successful campaigns has been the Muaythai Against Drugs Campaign which was officially adopted in 2007. The campaign has given many young people an alternative healthy lifestyle. The program provides youth and young adults with a safe and controlled environment with an opportunity to stop the intake of drugs and alcohol, receive their official national colours in the martial art sport, build a positive character reference, participate in cultural exchange, understand and maintain punctuality, discipline, manners and respect. To give them a chance to learn soft and hard skills and to use the power of sport to create positive change.

“From city life to adventure, wildlife to culture, breathtaking scenery to sun-soaked coasts – This is our Beautiful Country where Muaythai flows through our Veins! Wai Kru performed at the top of a mountain overlooking the African savanna under the African Sky!

Athlete: Bryan Leesman