The Russian Muaythai Federation which is the sole federation recognised by the Russian Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry has produced some of the most outstanding athletes in the world.

The President of the Russian Muaythai Federation Dmitry Putilin is a former IFMA world champion so understands the important balance between athletes and the Executive.

Over the last few years we can remember triumphs such as the final World Combat Games between Artem Levin and Yodsaenklai in which Levin, a WMC world champion and 6 time IFMA champion won gold for Russia on 2 occasions. We can also celebrate Russian athletes such as Vakhitov, a 2 time WMC world champion and 5 time IFMA world champion and winner of the World Combat Games. Also Svetlana Vinnikova winner of the world games and multi-time world champion.

We can also remember when Khayal Dzhaniev an IFMA and WMC champion defeated Buakaw. The Russian federation then made history in Thailand at the 2019 IFMA world championships as both the male and female team became overall team champions, taking the King’s and Queen’s cups back to Russia and showcasing once again to Thailand that muaythai truly is an international sport.

This weekend the Russian muaythai federation hosted an evening of muaythai in Sochi where 2 time ifma world champion Aik Begyan took on WMC European champion Yassine Hamlaoui from France in a contest which had the audience on the edge of their seats. World class muaythai from start to finish with Aik taking the win.

There were many VIP’s present and President Dmitry Putilin stated that Russia will continue to do important grass-roots development, especially now that muaythai is in the European Games, World Games and next year heading to the FISU Combat Games and we will continue to send the best of the best to these events.