Muaythai teams from around South East Asia arrived in Hanoi this past weekend for the 31st edition of the SEA Games.

Dato Shahnaz Azmi, Chair of the South East Asian Muaythai Federation under IFMA stated, “This will be another proud moment for the athletes to represent their National Olympic Committees, their countries and themselves.” He further stated, “Fair play always plays an important part in the IFMA philosophy and besides in and out of competition testing, IFMA has sent 5 independent technical officials from United Kingdom, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Iran and Kazakhstan to oversee the competition and the team referees from the participating countries. The event will once again promote as much the cultural and sporting aspects, this is why Wai Kru and Mae Mai Muaythai, besides Muaythai as a ring competition, all will be part of the event.”

Muaythai was included in the SEA Games since 1995 under IFMA and FAMA and the 2022 SEA Games in Hanoi will make history as muaythai (or “Muay” as some of the South East Asians call it) is there for the first time as a fully recognized IOC recognized sport and art.