6 months before the opening of the SportAccord Combat games in Beijing under patronage of the IOC, Muaythai is garnering more and more spectator appeal.

WMC,IFMA and its Asian Arm FAMA under the Presidency of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Mr Massimov is stepping up to ensure that Muaythai will be a hit a the SportAccord games.

This weekend saw another sold out international event televised in China.

The international fight card was as follows:

Fight 1 – Rafeal vs Li Ning (60Kg) Rafeal, the European IFMA Champion fought Li Ning the All Chinese Sanda Champion.

Rafael started strong in the first round, but about 1 and a half-minute into first round, out of the blue Li Ning caught Rafael with a solid punch giving him an eight count. From then on it was war with both fighters standing toe to toe to the delight of the sold out crowd. It was China winning the first fight that was the match of the day! A Rematch is the talk of China!

Fight 2 – Valentina Shevchenko vs. Zung Ling (60Kg)

Valentina Shevchenko is with no doubt one of the most talked about female fighters in the world.4 time IFMA World champion and 2-time IFMA Female boxer of the year.

Zung Ling is the Asian and China Sanda Champion, but Valentina proved just too strong for her showing that China has some work to do if the females want to win the Gold at the SportAccord games. The referee stopped the fight in round two.

Fight 3 – Charlie vs. Hung Kuang (75Kg)

A great performance by both fighters. Hung, the Chinese Muaythai Champion showed that China is on track for SportAccord games. A close fight and the second win for China.

Fight 4 – Madsua vs. Li Wei (75Kg)

It was up to Madsua the Thai superstar to even out the score for the international visitors.

Madsua, one of the hottest names in Muaythai once again displayed his world-class.Madsua dominated the fight from round 1, all punches and kicks from Li Wei were either evaded or blocked by Madsua, Madsua scored big with his wild hooks and kicks, and whenever Li Wei got too close, Madsua moved in with a Muaythai style clinch coupled with strong knee strikes, chasing Li Wei for all 3 rounds. The Chinese got an 8 count in 2nd round. Madsua acheived a convincing win!

Congratulations to the WLF organizers. Next Month will see another China V the World fight to promote the sport further in the lead up to the highly anticipated SportAccord Combat games.