A video of one of IFMA rising stars went viral on Facebook as Ramadan Ondash from Lebanon showcased his technique as part of the campaign to support his national federation for IFMA events. 

Muaythai is a martial arts which continues to gain popularity around the world with youth having amazing skills already at the lowest allowed age in IFMA competition. Little Ramadan is one of these athletes who at his young age inspires even older athletes to polish their skills and bring the beauty of the sport to the wider audience. 

Muaythai is rich in disciplines and elements which are a separate art in themselves with Wai Kru, Muay Boran, Muay Talay finding their ways to the hearts of martial arts practitioners. The beauty of these disciplines are now gaining popularity among IFMA athletes and so many practice them as separate sport.

Today Muaythai reaches millions and such athletes like Ramadan and many more become Muaythai ambassadors building the presence of the sport among the world wide audience.