The second day of the world muaythai festival will see muaythai’s most important asset – the YOUTH shine.

The entire day at the Icon Siam together with AMTAT and IFMA will organise youth demonstrations of the various traditional and cultural aspects of the martial art in one of Thailand’s most prestigious venues, the Icon Siam.

The youth will come together to perform in the cultural aspects of muaythai the traditional wai kru and muay boran performances bringing the ancient art of muaythai Krabi krabong the ancient weapons of muaythai of swords and staffs, muay kita and certainly muaythai as a combat sport.

Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan the president of AMTAT and honorary president of IFMA stated “Muaythai is much  more than a competition. It is an art and a science. It is a way of life and IFMA is the IOC recognised international federation and will continue to foster and promote all aspects of muaythai and this is why this event is so important.”

The chair of the IFMA Athletes Commission Janice Lyn stated “2022 has seen many emerge whilst others are in many ways still in the grips of the pandemic. Some of the many youth events this year saw the IFMA youth world championships in Malaysia and the Antalya Open Cup; and all these events included the practice of the traditional aspects.”

IFMA believes in the next generation and our future and this weekend they will have the opportunity to shine at Icon Siam.