IFMA has worked for over 25 years towards IOC recognition and on July the 20th the dream of the IFMA family and 146 national federations became a reality. In order to celebrate, many events were organised around the world, one of them the 4 nations cup in Dusseldorf, Germany. The four national federations of Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany sent athletes there to celebrate the recognition and also the continued cooperation between national federations on the regional level.

The event saw some of the top muaythai athletes in attendance and also performances in Wai Khru and Mae Mai Muaythai. All four Presidents of their national federations Detlef Turneu, Patrick Van Acker, Duran Ebren and Otmar Felsberger where there to support the athletes and to continue the close cooperation to organise international exchange from the grass roots to the the elite level .