Muaythai athletes from Armenia visiting Prague’s sights

The historic city of Prague this week hosted the European muaythai championships and also the 115 Anniversary celebrations for Harley Davidson. Many of the muaythai athletes made time to visit the city centre and take in the sights before leaving.

The athlete’s hotel – the Don Giovanni – is located just a few stops on the tram-line from the ancient city-centre. So visits to learn about Czech culture and take in the sights were more than possible.

This was the first time visiting the city for many of the teams, especially those with younger athletes and they made the most of any free time. The Czech Muaythai Federation, hosts of the Championships, arranged a special deal on public transport for any participants so travel was easy to arrange.

And having met Leo the Czech Lion at the venue and heard his story – a great movie-reel running during the Opening Ceremony – the teams were interested to learn more about the history of the city.

And for the final few days of the tournament, they also got to experience a rare event – thousands of Harley Davidson motorbikes in one place. Some of the bikes taking part in the parade dated back to the 1940s, and one to 1924 so it was a real treat for everyone to see this unusual culture up-close.

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