One Young World needs no introduction. This summit brings together the most valuable young talents from around the globe, joined by world leaders to debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the ever changing world. This years summit was held in Bangkok with young people from over 196 countries participating. Countless fantastic speakers and guest speakers have been part of One Young World with big names such as Sir Richard Branson, Kofi Annan, Boris Becker, John Kerry, Sir Bob Geldof, Roger Federer, John Landau, Kal Penn and many more.

This time one of the important activities was Muaythai. The social project of Muaythai is involved such as Sport is Your Gang,  Ending Violence Against Women, and certainly also practicing Muaythai in a fun session. IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, made an warmly welcomed all the young leaders to Bangkok. It is truly an honour for Muaythai to host an afternoon for such outstanding figures shaping the future in such a positive way. IFMA General Secretary and President of AIMS, Stephan Fox, made a powerful speech blending sport, education and cultural exchange, which is the foundation of IFMA and also the Olympic Movement.


Since the beginning of time, sport has played an important role in bringing nations together, inspiring people regardless of their divides and building unity through the beauty of sport. Stephan Fox stated that in looking into the future, we must never forget the past and strong traditions and values that run deep within the fabric of muaythai and we must continue to not only foster the youth but listen to them, influence them positively and building the upcoming generations who will carry the torch of life which many of us will not see in our lifetime.


Panida Ottesen, from the IFMA Integrity and Social Responsibility Unit, said that the afternoon was a learning experience for everyone involved, inspiring young people. Leading Thai masters and the national team coming to support. After the speeches of the President and the General Secretary, everyone agreed that the power of sport must be used to achieve great change.


Sport offers a universal language for dialogue and interaction. These fantastic young leaders truly make a positive difference and they will go back now understanding much more about the 5 pillars of muaythai, respect, honour, tradition, excellence and fair play, which are also the pillars of life.
DSC05918IFMA would like to thank everyone for a wonderful afternoon and we will continue to play our part in ensuring that every human being must have the right to practice and participate in sport without discrimination against race, sexual orientation, colour, religion or social status and many others. Muaythai is truly for Every Body.