Muaythai has been part of the history and heritage from the old Siam to the modern Thailand for hundreds of years. Muaythai was the primary and most effective method of self-defense used by the Thai warriors on the battlefields of conflicts and wars securing the freedom from the Old Siam to the modern times of Thailand. The Royal Thai Army has always fostered muaythai. Soldiers have trained and used muaythai techniques for as long as there have been an army in the Kingdom.

Today, Muaythai is fully recognized by the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Council of Asia, FISU, World Games and the next recognition must be CISM, the International Military Sport Council, the military sports organization.

A special 3-day event was held in cooperation with IFMA to promote muaythai and the muaythai education system, One Standard Muaythai (OSM), in the military forces with workshops held under the leadership of muaythai superstar Buakaw and many other Grand Masters with muaythai contests being part of the promotion.

His Excellency Sutin Klungsang the Minister of Defense in Thailand, the IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, the President of United Through Sports Mr. Stephan Fox, the NSDF Fund Manager, Supranee Guptasa and many others were in attendance to celebrate this glorious occasion.