The Polish Muaythai Against Drugs Festival ended on the evening of 21st of April in the city of Stargard Szczecinski. Muaythai Against Drugs is a worldwide campaign, which began ten years ago.

It focuses on encouraging disadvantaged children and youth to stay in school and make the most of their education. Learning the discipline and values of the cultural art of Muaythai, youth are able to find new opportunities in their lives and avoid a drug lifestyle.

This year, Muaythai Against Drugs Poland combined with the amateur Muaythai league, bringing together 60 participating athletes from all regions of Poland in friendly competition for a good cause.
The festival ended on a high note, having achieved strong organizational and sporting success. The city’s inhabitants gave a great turnout for the evening. Rafal Simonides, Muaythai Against Drugs Ambassador in Poland, explained the campaign and learning about traditional forms of Muaythai. His audience was impressed, listening with interest to understand the project.

The event’s principal organizer, Mrs. Agnieszka Myszkowska and Fight Academy Gym, were organizing this kind of event for the first time, and they did a wonderful job. A big thank you must go to the organizers, the Polish Muaythai Federation and all people who gave their time, referees and judges, coaches, athletes, and of course, all the guests who attended the Festival. Everyone is looking forward to next year in Stargard Szczecinski!