After the nomination of The Challenger Muaythai for an International Emmy Award, a new Muaythai reality show will hit the waves soon, this time featuring female Muaythai in Million Baht Babes.

Three girls who have never fought in professional Muaythai, and who, in fact had very little prior knowledge of the art and sport, traveled to Thailand to complete a rigorous training program.  Hailing from Australia is Muaythai hopeful Sammy, together with Rachel from England and Micky representing Germany.

The entire series is filmed on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. A number of Muaythai experts and celebrities were on hand to ensure that the girls received the right training and guidance, in preparation for their first ever fights.  The Challenger Muaythai and Contender Asia series were fortunate to have the assistance of outstanding Muaythai trainers and mentors, and some of them have also participated in this new series.  English fitness and nutrition expert Billy Orr and Challenger Muaythai Champion and former WMC Champion Madsua were among the experts who participated, as well as the Challenger and Contender host and mentor and WMC Vice President.

Ralph Beale and Hanarong explained that the training began totally from scratch, in order to teach the girls the necessary  techniques, skills and toughness. Ralph Beale said:  “The training has been very hard but you better sweat in training so you don’t bleed in battle.”

Hanarong said that he is impressed with the improvement of the girls as well as with the sacrifices they have made in order to be able to reach their final destination…. the square ring.  Billy Orr, their fitness coach, set incredible challenges for the girls, such as specialized conditioning and weight training in order to get them into perfect shape individually, as well as running a half marathon.

Ralph Beale said that what it all comes down to at the end of the day is the psychological part of the sport, when Sammy, Rachel and Micky get ready for battle, as the first time in the ring is the hardest: It is judgment day and there are no more practice rounds. It all comes down to the final battle and who will be crowned the Million Baht Babe.

The girls have proven to be fantastic ambassadors of Muaythai. Their journey shows that in any sport, if you put your heart behind it, your body will follow.  The show contains a great deal of human drama, with a roller coaster of emotions. All six episodes will have audiences glued to their seats, right up until the finale, when it all comes down to the final match.

Don’t miss out on this new Muaythai reality show, which showcases that female fighters are tough…and possibly even tougher than their male counterparts!