“Yut, Chock, Yut, Yaek, Ying!” IFMA’s HERStory about Female Referees

Women’s participation in muaythai 40 years ago was very much unthinkable especially in the motherland of Thailand. In the early 90’s, IFMA and the WMC stood up for gender equality, breaking the history marked by division and discrimination and started a journey with major accomplishments for all stakeholders in the muaythai family and important steps […]

Valentina Shevchenko, Martial Art Superstar

In the world of muaythai and UFC, Valentina Shevchenko is a superstar, a legend and one of the highest ranked and paid UFC superstars. Valentina comes from a family of fighting traditions. Her mother, Elena, is a multiple muaythai champion and the 2020 IFMA Muaythai Virtual World Champion. Elena has again, showed her skill on […]

Female Muaythai Salutes Rangsit Stadium

Rangsit Stadium has a proud history. Established in 1962, its purpose was to promote muaythai around the Pathumthani Province. In 1980, Mr. Amuay Kesbumrung, who is a member of the Executives of the Amateur Associations of Thailand and board member of the World Muaythai Council and Committee Member of IFMA, started to build his own […]

Amy Birch, One of the True Female Pioneers of Muaythai

Muaythai is and has been my life. Coming from a small country town it is definitely something I would never have anticipated to be my childhood dream. However, from the moment I started to engage in muaythai, the physical and cultural aspects, it has shaped many years of my life. After moving to a bigger […]

Pan America #MuaythaiConnected

The Pan-American Confederation of Muaythai have been working informally during the quarantine in favor of the strengthening of Muaythai in the region. In these talks, David Gonzalez, President of the Colombian Muaythai Federation, noticed Pan-America had a lot of history to tell and took the liberty to research these untold secrets of Pan America. This […]

Iraqi Muaythai Elects New President

Iraq has been one of the strongest federations in the Middle East boasting strong presence at every IFMA events and multisports games Muaythai is part of.

Press Release
Million Baht Babes: A new series in the making

After the nomination of The Challenger Muaythai for an International Emmy Award, a new Muaythai reality show will hit the waves soon, this time featuring female Muaythai in Million Baht Babes. Three girls who have never fought in professional Muaythai, and who, in fact had very little prior knowledge of the art and sport, traveled to Thailand […]

IFMA Newsletter
“A word from the Chair of the Female Commission: Mrs. Sue Latta, IFMA Vice President, Oceania Muaythai Federation President”

Firstly, a big thank you to all who attended the International Female Commission’s annual meeting in Russia. A very successful workshop with many National Federations attending. Our meeting covered many areas of concern ranging from safety equipment to media coverage, social networking, and promoting the inclusion of all females world-wide with the ongoing adjustments to […]