More than 170 athletes from 25 states registered for the Mexican Muaythai Championships 2019 which became the biggest Muaythai event in Mexico.

The development of Muaythai in South America has seen its boost after the World Muaythai Championships 2018 in Cancun. The Mexican Muaythai Federation has maintained the momentum and legacy of the event with the numbers of Muaythai practitioners growing exponentially within the following year after best IFMA athletes visited Mexico.


It was a proud moment for athletes coming to the Muaythai Championships for the first time as they were the faces of their states and represented their gyms. Mexican social activities gave its fruits as so many youth joined the events. Female athletes made a huge share of the participants with the total number of 44 athletes in women’s divisions. This is a bright example of the work Mexican Muaythai does to use Muaythai as a tool to benefit people from all walks of life.

One of the regular IFMA competitors Julietta Ortiz again won gold in Mexico taking the leading place in the Muaythai Medal Ranking in Mexico. She is one of the faces of the Mexican Muaythai in the International competitions and will again represent her country at the upcoming IFMA events. Notable fact is that she changed her weight division to 48 kg and Mexican Federation to announce which weight division Julietta will compete at the 2020 World Championships.


Mexico is truly one of the leading countries in the Pan American continent in many aspects making sure that health and safety of athletes are the main priority at each event. Starting with the IFMA obligatory medical check for HIV and Hepatitis B,C before the event and finishing with doping tests after, Mexico sets a bar to the neighbouring countries for the Muaythai tournaments.