The Malaysian Muaythai Association has officially signed an MOU with the Malaysian National Sports Council. According to the MOU, the Malaysian Muaythai Association is now a part of the National Coaching Academy, sitting together with “FAM” for football, “Makaf” for Karate and 25 other national sports bodies with approved coaching programs, out of the 48 recognised sports in Malaysia.

One of the criteria which had to be fulfilled was for the Malaysian Muaythai Association to demonstrate that they had Instructor’s Manuals from Level 1 to 3 in place. This achievement showcases that Malaysian Muaythai is really moving.

Now, over 80 national member federations are fully recognised by their highest sport authorities or National Olympic Committees in their respective countries. IFMA, in conjunction with the national federations, requires and places a strong emphasis on not only having a correctly structured teaching curriculum, but also dynamic youth development programs.