The Malaysian Muaythai Association and the Malaysian government won the bid for the IFMA World Championship 2014, which will be held on the beautiful island of Langkawi. It will be renamed “Muaythai Island”, for the period of the competition.

MyCEB International Events GM Tony Nagamaiah and Dato’Shah, president of the Malaysian Muaytha Associaiton, IFMA Exec and VP of FAMA, gave a powerful presentation in Saint Petersburg.

Malaysia showed its readiness for the event as part of the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 promotion campaign, an incredible festival devoted to tourism, at Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.
Live demonstrations, exhibitions on Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi, and cultural displays were all part of the Muaythai promotion at the festival.

The Malaysia Tourism and Convention representative said that Malaysia is very excited that the Muaythai world will be travelling to Malaysia. He also said that he had taken part in the IFMA World Championships 2012 in Saint Petersburg, in which he saw that the cultural and fun part played as important a role as the sporting side, and that Malaysia will do its best to outshine the best in Muaythai World Championships history.

The President of the Malaysian Muaythai Association, Dato Shah, said that with the full support of all government departments, Malaysian Muaythai, recognised both by the Malaysian government and the National Olympic Committee, understands the responsibilities that come with being a host country. They have learned so much from the last three World Championships in Thailand, Uzbekistan and Russia.

The island scene will be something totally new for the IFMA family. He also said that there are many events coming up, such as the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, the SEA Games, and all qualification events for the SportAccord World Combat Games, which will give Malaysian athletes the opportunity to gain more experience against the power houses of Muaythai who will come to compete.

IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox stated that the festival was an impressive performance and that with all the support and pre-planning in place, Malaysia will not disappoint in 2014. The Prime Minister of Malaysia was part of the evening event, along with the Sports Minister, and many Embassy officials. The countdown for IFMA 2014 has begun. Malaysia is ready.