The Sports Administration of Macau has given the green light for restarting the muaythai competitions much to the delight of the Macau athletes.

Macau held one of the most successful Asian championships in 2018 which saw 35 federations from Asia and Oceania participating. President of the Macau Muaythai Association Mr. Wu Wei Keong stated: “During the pandemic Macau muaythai has worked closely with IFMA ensuring that the athletes continue to have access to physical activity and muaythai training.”

The event was organised in 3 different sections. Section 1 was youth only under full IFMA rules ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the next generation. The competitions enjoyed a lively atmosphere with family members and friends filling up this section to support the little nak muays.

Section 2 was the new generation of Macau athletes also fighting under full IFMA rules and for the national coaches to scout for new talents as Macau prepares to participate in this year’s IFMA world championships and certainly in the 2022 Asian Indoor and Martial arts Games, both events to be hosted in the sport’s motherland of Thailand.

Section 3 was the evening programme which was a fight night Macau versus China with 4 elite level bouts with the final result of 2 victories for China and 2 for Macau.

The chair of the Macau Sports Development Board praised Macau muaythai, especially on their grass root development. Muaythai is a fully recognised sport in Macau and is looking forward to hosting another major international event in the coming years.