Everything began in the month of September, 2010…Kevin Haas came back to Luxembourg and in the preparation period for a European belt, he met trainer Moustapha “Mous” Bouharrak (now the current President of the Muaythai Federation of Luxembourg), who gave him some advice for  sport and life.

At the time, there were already gyms in Luxembourg and people who wanted to create a proper structure, but there was no official Muaythai federation. Thanks to the motivation and cooperation between Kevin Haas and Moustapha Bouharrak, the passion for Muaythai led to the creation of the Muaythai Federation of Luxembourg (MTFL) on October 19th, 2010. Soon, the MTFL became a member of IFMA and joined the continental federation for Europe, EMF.

Seminars were organized with individuals like Krongsak, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky and Guillaume Kerner… courses were organized for trainers and referees, and a national team was created, with Mous, Kevin, Daniel and Eric as national trainers. Luxembourg participated for the first time at an IFMA event in the March 2011 European Cup, Dresden. Kevin Haas participated at the April 2011 European Championship, along with international referee Daniel Giallombardo. It was a big adventure for a small country. A large celebratory gala was organized in Luxembourg City in October 2011, with 2000 spectators.

A gala for amateur Muaythai was organized in February 2012. In April 2012, at the European Championship in Antalya, Turkey, Luxembourg was represented by eight male boxers, two female boxers and one referee. Luxembourg’s team won 3 silver medals and one bronze medal, an enormous success. Another great gala was held in Luxembourg in May 2012.

Now, ready for the IFMA 2012 World Championship, silver medalled Nilton Soares will represent the Luxembourg in Russia in the Male B division. Kevin Haas, Luxembourg’s most experienced fighter, will compete in the Male A division. These best friends will be accompanied by Mous Bouharrak and referee Alain Blanvarlet. In only two years, so many things have happened for Luxembourg’s Muaythai, and it is not going to stop… Chok Dee to the Red Lion!!!