The beautiful city of Rondonópolis hosted the event last Saturday which was a big success for organisers and a great spectacle for all people who attended it. The place was filled to the last seat creating an atmosphere of true muaythai spirit as part of the Brazilian Mauythai Federation organised its first Championship inside a cinema supported by Confederação Brasileira de Muaythai Tradicional. The event was the status of “Family Championship”, because the cinema received a lot of families that came to enjoy this event.
Mr. Ari Ribeiro, one of the leaders of Federação Matogrossense de Muaythai who strives to develop muaythai in the Midwest region of Brazil, said his dream is to organise events for the youth, female and male athletes and bring the best muaythai can offer to Rondonópolis.

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games is only around the corner in beautiful Rio which will make Brazil the heart of the sporting world.
In Muaythai Brazil is one of the leading forces in Pan American muaythai and IFMA is looking forward to welcome the Brazilian National team in Sweden for the world championships.