For IFMA, the athletes are the Heart & Soul of our art and sport. Protecting and educating them is a priority and we are therefore honoured to dedicate our expertise with the goal of #KeepingMuaythaiReal since the beginning of 2019.

Every Muaythai event under IFMA now includes Athletes’ Conferences where important questions of health awareness are mentioned and of course antidoping is one cornerstone IFMA will always try to educate the athletes about.

The pinnacle of IFMA Conferences for Youth became an event in the UN Headquarters in Bangkok where 800 young minds could try a seat of the world leaders. It was a truly inspiring moment to have the world youth on the stage where world problems are discussed and resolved.


Michael Jordan once said, “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” Let us, the educators, the athletes and the athlete support personnel (ASP) of IFMA work together in solidarity to expect nothing less than achieving the highest level of excellence through #KeepingSportReal and abiding by the 5 pillars of muaythai: Respect, Honor, Excellence, Tradition and Fair PIay.


Thank you ITA for your continued support, your efforts to educate our athletes and ASP and your commitment to all athletes to fight doping in sport globally.