Israel Muaythai Federation organised a qualifier for the Youth World Championships, gathering more than 150 kids from all over the country.Israel is one of the most active IFMA members raising true champions in life and sport; with outstanding athletes like Itai Gershon who won the gold medal at the IFMA University World Championships 2015, Nili Block who has qualified to the World Games 2017 by winning the gold medal at the World Championships in Sweden. These star athletes are evidence that Israeli muaythai is heading down the right course.


The Israeli Youth Championships were a big success which featured IFMA Sport Is Your Gang campaign and promoting women in sport. Kids from various cultural and religious background participated in the championships showing again that muaythai appeals to everyone uniting people.

The president of the Israeli Muaythai Federation Beny Kogan was quoted saying. “Israel muaythai aims to use sport to unite kids and show that on the field of play respect, fair play, and friendship govern the sport. We are happy that so many kids from different backgrounds came and showed the best qualities they can have in sport and life.”


Female empowerment was one of the themes for the Israeli Youth Championships and world champion Nili Block was happy to share her experience of competing under IFMA. A true star in Israel, last year she was awarded with an athlete of the year award from the governmental authority for non-Olympic sports and is invited to numerous TV shows to speak about female muaythai.


IFMA is looking forward to welcoming so many young talents to Bangkok and let them compete for the medals of the Youth World Championships.