IFMA continues to play an integral part in their role for social responsibilities. Their latest endeavor has seen them take part in Peace and Sport’s new interactive initiative “Carton Blanc – Sporting gesture for Peace”, as part of the first International Day of Sport for Development and Peace taking place on 6 April 2014.Taking its name from “Carton Blanc” (White Card), this initiative will enable the public to join a viral campaign on Facebook aimed at demonstrating the involvement of actors for development and peace through sport. The idea is to combine a universal symbol for sport (holding up a card) with a symbol for peace (the colour white).


IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, General Secretary Stephan Fox and Sport Director Charissa Tynan gathered together at the IFMA Headquarters in Bangkok to show their support and take part in this unique initiative.

To play your part and get involved in this new initiative simply follow these steps:



* Carton Blanc” (White Card) is the name of a highly-acclaimed travelling photo exhibition by Maud Bernos dedicated to children living in areas of conflict or post-conflict and their daily involvement in sport. The exhibition was displayed at the 5th Peace and Sport International Forum in 2011.

The photos, taken in the Great Lakes region of Africa and in Israel-Palestine, highlight the faces of children who are at the very heart of our action and who are our tireless driving force.

The photographer named her exhibition “Carton Blanc” in reference to the red card, which signifies the most serious offense that a player can commit. Here, the colour white, which symbolizes purity and peace, is therefore used to represent positivity and constructiveness in sport.