Many states of India have delegated their youth and senior participants for the first Indian Virtual Championships. 

The Virtual Competition started to roll all over the world with Russia concluding their virtual nationals and India taking over bringing it to the next level with ceremonies held live after the competition was concluded. 

With the ever growing popularity of Muaythai in India athletes and practitioners are looking forward to the IFMA Virtual World Championships where they can reveal their combat skills in the Shadow Box competition, the cultural part in Wai Kru, fitness in the Max Fit and the plasticity in Aero Fit. 

IFMA Director Ms. Charissa Tynan said that she is impressed how countries adopt this new concept and that new competition takes its place in the annual IFMA calendar as the hype over the virtual competition is growing every day. 

India is set and ready for new challenges and will soon have a chance to challenge the world for medal of the IFMA World Virtual Championships 2020