The WMC and IFMA IGLA education system has been developed over the last 3 years to include cultural, sporting and education as a platform. Muaythai is a martial art and combat sport with over 1000 years of history but nevertheless we must include the present and plan for the future this is why this system has been given the highest priority. The leading masters, specialists and Muaythai partners such as UN women and Peace and Sport have all played a role in developing this important platform. Over 3 years of structuring and planning has come in place and the programme will be officially launched at the upcoming Youth World Championship in August.


IFMA president Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that the youth is our future and we must understand that we live in changing times. We must be attractive to the youth and at the same time engage them and use the digital age to our benefit. Instead of the youth using technology to play computer games they can engage in cultural, sporting and educational programmes using the IGLA system.


Thailand launched the programme in a special exhibition and his excellency the Prime Minister General Prayut Chan O Cha and Deputy Prime Minister Doctor Somkit Chatusripitak attended the launch together with the IFMA and WMC leadership and came to the booth to understand and engage the system. General Prayut stated that as a Thai he is truly proud that muaythai has gained world recognition and that the sport is a full member of the recognised world sporting community SportAccord and included in the World Games, recognised by FISU and a member of AIMS which has just gained IOC recognition while muaythai is striving for individual recognition.

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