Three new countries and national federations which became full members of IFMA this year were introduced during the IFMA Annual General Meeting in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In order to become a full member of IFMA, new federations must prove they meet certain requirements, including having a proper national constitution, holding proper elections, and implementing commissions for the development of the sport nationally.

The new members which introduced themselves this year were Algeria, Armenia and Cameroon. Mauritius, which was not a new member this year, but which had not had the chance to introduce itself before, also came on stage.

IFMA has over forty members in Europe and over thirty members in Asia. With Muaythai well under way in these continents, IFMA is now looking to focus on its continental federation in Africa, to develop the sport with the help of the strong federations there such as Morocco and South Africa, which are both fully recognized by their highest national sporting authorities. These power houses can help other countries in the region to meet the requirements to join the world federation for amateur Muaythai as full members.