Representatives from eighty two countries participated in this year’s annual congress, which was filled with presentations to discuss many future activities, campaigns.

The President Dr. Tapsuwan, welcomed all the representatives from the national federations, the IFMA Executive Board, the guests from the Russian government, National Olympic and thanked the city of Saint Petersburg and the Russian Muaythai Federation for a fantastic 2013. He also thanked SportAccord for declaring this a test event and for holding a workshop and being part of the Opening Ceremony.

Mr. Putilin gave the full report on the IFMA 2012 World Championships, which had the highest number of athletes. With no doubt, the standard of IFMA is growing.

The General Secretary of IFMA, Mr. Fox went through the agenda with many changes, such as the change in round timing from 4×2 to 3×3, and the final road to Saint Petersburg qualification criteria and qualification events.

The Korean Muaythai Federation, on behalf of Incheon, gave the report on the 2013 AIMAGs. The Australian Muaythai Federation made a presentation on the 2013 Arafura Games. Ms. Yawnghwe gave the outline of the IFMA Sport Is Your Gang campaign. IFMA’s Media Director, Ms. Corai-Lopez gave a presentation on IFMA’s media development. Dr. Polozov made a very detailed and impressive presentation on developing a new world ranking system, and another highlight was the final presentation of the host for the 2014 World Championships, with Malaysia winning the bid.