2020 was a very challenging year. We have mourned the loss of many and fear many more. We all have been part of lockdowns and the world of sport was no exception as many events were cancelled and/or postponed.

IFMA will always place the health and safety of the athletes at the forefront. IFMA immediately adapted to the challenging landscape to keep the IFMA family engaged with online education programs and also the IFMA World Virtual World Muaythai Championships with over 30,000 participating in over 100 countries. 

The divisions included Wai Kru to ensure that IFMA will continue to protect and promote the cultural aspects of the sport, Shadow Boxing to ensure the techniques are practiced and refined and included two divisions, Max Fit and Aero Fit, where the winners’ journeys continued as winners qualified to participate in the United Through Sports World Virtual Youth Festival where over 100 organizations stood in solidarity for inclusion, equality and peace. 

This weekend will see the finals in which the winners of Aero Fit, Max Fit and the Talent Competition will be announced and the proud IFMA Athletes which made it to the finals. 

IFMA congratulates all our young athletes who have represented the IFMA family and certainly their countries, gyms and themselves. Let us see WHO will end up on the podium this weekend!