The second day of the competition started out with the same vigor from athletes, full focus of referees and sharp eyes of the technical officials.

Today the field of play saw athletes from all five continents finally showing schools of muaythai from north to south and east to west, and there were many emotional bouts both for athletes and their coaches. People at the VIP stand couldn’t control their emotions when their athletes hands were risen declaring them as winners.

It was a positive day for Turkmenistan after their two losses on the first day. Rusdem Bayramdurdyyev faced David Gabriel from the USA and Rustem has truly developed from the Royal World Cup giving a positive image of Turkmenistan by his performance. Being a host of the Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games 2017 IFMA is happy to see the development of the Turkmen muaythai.

After a very successful first day for Finland, day two was less lucky for the land of a thousand lakes as the Mexican rival came the winner in this clash.


Another host of the championships took the main stage of the Kinnarps Arena. Swedish Johan Andersson entered the ring with the pressure from the public to get the first victory for Sweden against a Turkish Boral Batuhan. Johan showed full determination and made the public put their hands together and fly Swedish flags high when the victory was given. The Swedish and Turkish corner congratulated Johan on the outstanding match.

The African continent launched their world muaythai campaign against Mauritius, when Facson Perrine competed against Rafael Fiziev from Turkmenistan. Facson gave an outstanding match looking hopeful for a victory but Rafael pulled out a win from the Mauritius athlete and his supporters.


Many interesting matches between Australia and France, Russia and Tai Pei, Jordan and Bulgaria, neighbouring Finland and Estonia as well as many others took place on the second day and we can only recommend joining the event at the spectators stand to all the Swedish martial arts followers, and for those around the world to watch the World Muaythai Championships online. at