A very important and productive meeting took place in Bangkok between IFMA International office and General Manager of the World Championships 2016, Mr. Jonas Elfving from Sweden .He was accompanied by his technical team.
Many presentations were made with IFMA International office chaired by President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan and IFMA Sports Director Ms Charissa Tynan.
IFMA President welcomed the delegation to Bangkok thanking them for all the fantastic work and also for introducing the new approved IFMA event management system. The President truly thanked Sweden for their vision.

A further meeting between IFMA HQ chaired by IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox took place to discuss the 3 day sport conference Fair Sport Fair Game which will be part of the 2016 IFMA World championship.

The clock is ticking and only 35 days left to the 2016 Muaythai World Championships, and the Muaythai world is excited to travel to beautiful Sweden to an event which will be filled with cultural and sporting exchange and in which the athletes are the heart and soul.