The foundation of muaythai is built on 5 imprtant pillars: Respect, Tradition, Excellence, Fair Play, 

The Nak Muays practice muaythai for fitness, self defence, competition, a cultural art form or simply a way of life. 

The IFMA Virtual World Championships is bringing together participants from over 100 countries as acultural and sporting exchange under the Muaythai Connects Campaign.

There are four disciplines in which the participants can shine and over the next days we introduce each and every of them. 

An important part of muaythai is Wai Kru in which the practitioners pay respect to their teachers, their opponent. Respect is one of the key elements of muaythai in IFMA. Respecting each other, respecting and understanding the differences and to be united in diversity. 

Promoting and fostering the cultural aspects of Muaythai, as well as initiating cultural exchange is one of IFMA’s main philosophies. All preliminary rounds will be competed & judged by VDO submission. Participants will be drawn into a bracket and judges will score the VDOs to determine next round. Results and brackets will be live on the system once results are entered by the judges. Finals shall be judged LIVE. Finalists will be informed of their scheduled competition time slot and must enter the virtual arena via link given. The Arena will be attended by the judges and the 2 opponents who shall take turns to perform their 3- minute Wai Kru live. Judges will then score the performances and a winner is declared to move on to the next round.


The rules are clear, the divisions are clear. Good luck to all the participants!